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  • Contribute to bridging the burgeoning gap between the "Haves" and the "Have-Nots" through an integrated package of social development interventions;
  • Enable people optimize their potential in attaining their highest level of well being and lead a better quality of life through lifestyle management interventions;
  • Develop appropriate partnerships between individuals, governments, non-governmental agencies and businesses to harmonize benefits of development;
  • Provide aid to victims of natural calamities and emergencies and initiate relief efforts;
  • Cultivate peace in the community – promoting education, social awareness and networking by reaching out to people across the globe towards positive growth of humanity.


  • Strategic action planning;
  • Bringing people together for human development – in person and electronically;
  • Information sharing and dissemination;
  • Networking and building meaningful partnerships;
  • Improve performance through active learning;
  • Participatory decision making;
  • Bring about attitudinal and behavioral changes starting at the individual and family levels-striving to create a peaceful society.

  • Non-sectarian, non-denominational, non-discriminatory;
  • Gender equity;
  • Multi-cultural;
  • Transparency;
  • Compassion and Commitment;
  • Respect and Integrity;
  • Uphold the dignity of every individual;
  • Programming excellence.

  • Innovative and demonstrative;
  • Responsible, responsive and accountable;
  • Equality and social justice;
  • Partner & develop strategic alliances;
  • Reach out to all segments of society with special focus on children and women;
  • Solicit community support and participation;
  • Promote problem analysis and solving;
  • Be sensitive to the environment and its resources;
  • Be a global force advocating and managing change.

Working in all fields of Humanitarian Services and not restricting to any particular sector or interventions supporting the sectors, gives a complete opportunity for UPFBH to go global and reach out to all humans from different stages of life in their respective situation they are in, whose need, requirement and expectation differs from human to human. Gaining a high level of peace within ones own inner and helping humans attain ultimate peace within themselves by empowering a human from “Body to Mind” in their respective stages is the definite "Aim & Vision" of UPFBH.


UPFBH is forwarding hands to join with one and all in working towards transforming its "Aim & Vision" into reality and "Making a distinct difference......Towards human existence"
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