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Existence of one human at the mercy of another human… A very difficult situation, for those children whose brains are under developed… A harsh reality…

UPFBH is working with a determination to give the special children of God an identity and become a useful part of the society.


A parents association engaged in working for the mentally challenged.
This institute is run by parents and volunteers.

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Our objective is to train these mentally challenged individuals and try to take out the potential in them in the best possible way and enable them to mingle and socialize in the normal society.
With an aim to make these special humans earn a reasonable amount by the way of salary, incentives etc., under responsible supervisions we taught them to make different items like decorative envelopes, torans for gudipadwa, strings of beads, rakhis, handicrafts, greeting cards, diyas, sorting/ picking/ cleaning/ packing vegetables, grating coconut, cleaning sesame seeds etc. Children liked this work and the institute started flourishing. With the training provided we got more orders for work, inspired and encouraged them which boosted their self-confidence and enthusiasm and today a small scale business is being run by these special children with the support of parents and volunteers.

Apart from the regular activities like preparing decorative envelopes, diyas, greeting cards etc. the main streamline of work is:

  1. Orders received from Kesari Tours, one of the most reputed Travel and Tours of Mumbai to make packs of cardamon, lavang and avimix tables(to avoid nausea during travel), which are further supplied to aircrafts.
  2. Preparing Guddies(Religious flag for celebrating Hindu New Year). Lots of efforts are diverted in making Guddies due to the increasing demands.
    Being a new venture on experience basis, we had two stalls to sell these guddies at Dadar and two in Thane which got an overwhelming response and recognition.   
  3. Additional work started when government put a ban on plastic bags.
    Two parent mothers were sent for obtaining training and accordingly the preparation of paper bags started and received a very encouraging response. 
  4. Two other works that came as per demand were
    a. Making small National Flags for Independence Day and Republic Day.
    b. Gold painted leaves for Dasserra Festival.
Activities are continuing successfully and progressively. There is a remarkable increase in the packing work of Kesari Tours. Apart from which there is an increase in demand for other products also including personal/individual orders.

Simultaneously our efforts are put in to educate these children in improving social behavior, physical and mental coordination, health, personal hygiene and grooming, teach them to become independent and self sufficient, and thus acceptable to society. If the children attain mental stability improved behavior, parents need not worry about their future as their brothers/sisters will readily take on their responsibility and they are not looked at as burdens or someone to keep hidden at home, but a human to be proud of with their contribution towards the society.

UPFBH requests the blessed children of God to step forward and support the institute to make the mentally deprived children of God capable enough to survive in this world and also to help more mentally challenged children to join the institute.


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Bank: Emirates Bank International.
Branch: Jebel Ali.
Account No: 0073-760740-001
Account Name: Ultimate Peace Foundation
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