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This journey goes back to year 2001, when a spiritual awakening changes the lives of two young dynamic women Roshni & Ruhi, who had accomplished the peak of their careers.

Twelve years… Year 2001 to Year 2013, Roshni & Ruhi dedicated their lives to complete their spiritual journey and commence Program-"i" practically. They traveled through these years, undergoing vigorous mental training based on facing practical situations, through the following stages:

a. Experiencing & understanding different kinds of minds that you encounter in all walks of life, finding positive solutions to handle situations created by the clashes or differences of these minds and thus move forward in a journey that is balanced & filled with happiness, contentment & peace was a major breakthrough & achievement. This is the base of human existence and... need of every single human.

b. During the course of this journey in the year 2004, Roshni & Ruhi along with two other board of directors established an International Non Government and Non Profit Organization,
UPFBH (Ultimate Peace Foundation… The Bridge Between…“The Haves” & “The Have-Nots”). The organization implemented programs to empower humans from “Body to Mind”, enabling them to meet the basic necessities of life as, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Health, Education and Positive Independent balanced living.

c. The most significant phase of this entire spiritual journey for these ladies was, Identifying their “i” the essence of their inbuilt energy. Further, enhancing & nurturing it & finally empowering the energy to its optimum positive level. Attaining this stage, they drew a balance between mind, body & soul.

On the victory of completing this most challenging, complicated, demanding & strenuous journey successfully, Roshni & Ruhi have drawn a complete balance between their practical & spiritual lives & are now sharing their positive energy, treasures of knowledge, experiences & achievements with the world by helping & providing humans the path to a comfortable, positive, balanced & independent life by commencing…




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