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While the globe has not yet been able to overcome the shock derived from the Tsunami Killer Waves… Nature seems to be lashing at mankind with its disastrous moves one after the other. The cataclysmic earthquake that struck India and Pakistan on October 8, 2005, 8.50.40 am (Local Time), has left an estimated 4 million Survivors with nothing to survive on.
"A tragedy beyond human imagination… an irreparable loss ... "

The aftermath is most challenging for the traumatized survivors to survive the merciless weather and a very difficult situation to reach and care for.


Muzaffarabad, Pakistan is the worst effected by the earthquake, where entire villages were completely destroyed.

"Pakistan in its history, has never before encountered an unprecedented catastrophe of this magnitude ... "

Muzaffarabad facing the worst… loss of lives, to properties, to livelihoods and needing a fitting response…

UPFBH… Opened a Regional Office in Muzzafarabad AJK… to work,
"Brick by Brick… Step by Step and Walk the Extra Mile ... "

to bring rays of "Peace and Happiness ... " in the lives of the traumatized survivors.



Muzaffarabad district consists of 38 Union Councils (UC’s).UPFBH has distributed aid in 9 Union Councils
which are :

  • Kailgram
  • Salisacha
  • Machiara
  • Behri
  • Saidpur
  • Talgram
  • Ghori
  • Heerkotli &
  • Gojra
3,500 Tents, 21,000 Blankets, Nonperishable food items, Medicines & School books with pencils are distributed in these UC’s. Relief operations currently are on, in full swing.



A major earthquake occurred at 03:50:40 (UTC) on Saturday, October 8, 2005. The magnitude 7.6 event located in PAKISTAN. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)


Saturday, October 8, 2005 at 03:50:40 (UTC) = Coordinated Universal Time Saturday, October 8, 2005 at 8:50:40 AM = local time at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones


105 km (65 miles) NNE of ISLAMABAD, Pakistan
115 km (70 miles) ESE of Mingaora, Pakistan
125 km (75 miles) WNW of Srinagar, Kashmir
165 km (105 miles) SSW of Gilgit, Kashmir

The epicenter struck close to the dividing line between India & Pakistan administered zones of the Himalayan region of Kashmir, but the quake was felt hundreds of kilometers in Afghanistan’s Kunduz mountains. The first earthquake was followed by 22 aftershocks of magnitudes of between 4.6 to 6.3 on the Richter scale over the next 10 hours. More than 79,000 people killed, 65,308 injured and extensive damage in northern Pakistan. The heaviest damage occurred in the Muzaffarabad area, Kashmir where entire villages were destroyed and at Uri where 80 percent of the town was destroyed. At least 32,335 buildings collapsed in Anantnag, Baramula, Jammu and Srinagar, Kashmir. Buildings collapsed in Abbottabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Maximum intensity VIII. Felt (VII) at Topi; (VI) at Islamabad, Peshawar and Rawalpindi; (V) at Faisalabad and Lahore. Felt also at Chakwal, Jhang, Sargodha and as far as Quetta. At least 1,360 people killed and 6,266 injured in India. Felt (V) at Chandigarh and New Delhi; (IV) at Delhi and Gurgaon, India.The earthquake, one of the strongest to rock the region in decades, triggered landslides & buried people in the rubble of ruined buildings.

Scores of school children were killed when their schools collapsed, and 200 Pakistani soldiers were dead. In Pakistan’s North West Frontier,37,958 people died and at least 23,172 were injured, majority of them in Mansehra district. "The earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.6, wiped out several whole Pakistani villages, flattening houses on Saturday."

"Village after village had been wiped out," in Muzaffarabad, the main town in Pakistan administered Kashmir. "The Neelum River had been blocked because whole villages have fallen in water."

"The death toll went in several thousands in Kashmir alone," The loss of life as well as the property was colossal & tremendous help needed.

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