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In Reconstruction and Rehabilitation,

UPFBH an International Non-Government and Non-Profit Organization based with the International Humanitarian City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates with offices in Pakistan rushed to the aid of the traumatized survivors and relief efforts were undertaken measuring the gravity of the disaster. UPFBH distributed an aid of 3,500 Tents, 21,000 Blankets, Nonperishable Food Items, Medicines & School Books with Pencils to 9 Union Councils of Kailgram, Salisacha, Machiara,
Behri, Saidpur, Talgram, Khori, Heerkotli and Gojra.

“Food for work programme” in 4 villages of Union council’s Banamulla & Leepa (AJK), 100 Metric Tonnes of food provided to the Beneficiaries, whereby food is directly placed in the hands of the Women who take a lead role in the management of the Food Distribution. This commitment to Women and Gender Equality has been a priority throughout the execution.

Repair/rebuild 40 link roads between villages in district Muzaffarabad
With the help of our Engineering crew, UPFBH on its part is providing the needed consultancy in the shape of technical assistance and conducting survey. Backed by a strong Technical and Engineering Manpower UPFBH once again made a headway in specialized construction areas…our forte.

Having signed MOU between Ultimate Peace Foundation and ERRA (Earthquake Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Authority) Prime Minister’s Secretariat Public, Islamabad, Government of Pakistan, for the construction of Earthquake Resistant Permanent Houses, we have commenced construction. Our priority is the reconstruction of permanent houses for the vulnerable group (comprising of widows and orphans and extended families with no regular source of income) in Azad Kashmir.

The people of Azad Jammu & Kashmir deserve all the appreciation who, after the cataclysmic earthquake, not only have had to cope up with the difficult situations with the loss of loved ones to properties but, also had to survive the Looming Himalayan winters.

A parents association engaged in working for the mentally challenged. This institute is run by parents and volunteers.


Our objective is to train these mentally challenged individuals and try to take out the potential in them in the best possible way and enable them to mingle and socialize in the normal society.

With an aim to make these special humans earn a reasonable amount by the way of salary, incentives etc., under responsible supervisions we taught them to make different items like decorative envelopes, torans for gudipadwa, strings of beads, rakhis, handicrafts, greeting cards, diyas, sorting/ picking/ cleaning/ packing vegetables, grating coconut, cleaning sesame seeds etc. Children liked this work and the institute started flourishing. With the training provided we got more orders for work, inspired and encouraged them which boosted their self-confidence and enthusiasm and today a small scale business is being run by these special children with the support of parents and volunteers.

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