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Empower humans from “Body to Mind”, enabling humans attain optimum level of peace within oneself.


Reaching out to humans who are unable to meet the basic necessities of life from “Body to Mind”, helping them fulfill these needs and necessities and on achieving which, humans attaining contentment & peace within their “i” is the definite aim of Program-“i”.

Humans on earth are in a perishable body living and experiencing the experiences of life in their respective situation they arrive in or, they create for themselves. 
To reach ones “i”, at first the mind has to be at peace and in order for the mind to be at peace, the body has to be at peace.

We will make this possible through the vision of Program-“i”.


Covering the entire human race in three stages, crossing which, humans are able to live & lead a positive & complete life.

Stage 1 - Body:
Human Existence.

To meet the bare necessities of a body to exist ... such as food, clothing and shelter.


Stage 2 - Body & Mind:
Survival of Existing Humans.

Bare necessities to exist are met ... Now moving forward to gain basic good health and education.


Stage 3 - Mind:
Existence Complete.

With the basic human needs of food, clothing, shelter, health and education been taken care of, it is time to face the world wherein all walks of life one mind is encountering another mind by which a situation is created, for you or against you. Coping up with these situations by taking control of the weak emotions with strength and positivism, balancing ones life and moving forward with a positive solution to any given situation and… deriving a great sense of contentment, calmness and peace within oneself, to be able to love life and live life with complete inner passion... is the final stage in the human world to conquer your “i”.


Through Program-“i”
“The Haves” & “The Have-Nots”.


Program-“i” aims at transforming its vision & mission into reality through these three stages, enabling humans to conquer their “i” and draw a positive balance in the journey of their lives, of “Body & Mind”.


Programme "I" is the final stage of our organization’s agenda and following the implementation of the 1st & 2nd stage,we have commenced the third and final stage:


The four pillars:

The four C’s towards conquering your “i”:
  • Calm
  • Control
  • Clear &
  • Calculative

The Master key for the four C’s is “TIMING”.

To be able to positively use the above four C’s in the right time in life, you have conquered your “i” making your existence,



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